We ship worlwide.

You can enter any item in your shopping cart and prior to the checkout you can see different shipping costs to your country.

So you don't have to to write us to ask for an specific shipping quotation to your country.

The website is ready to show you this information automatically.

But first of all you must register a customer account.


Create your account : click  here.


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Each item in our website has a real or volumetric weight .

The real weight is the weight in gr. of an item.

The volumetric weight is calculated by : Length x Width x Height (in cm) / 6000.

The volumetric weight applies to those items whose real weight is lesser than the volume of space occupied.

These items are very light but in medium or large sized boxes (generally model plastic kits).

The website has the weight of each item and the cost per kilogram to any destination worldwide.

The website calculates the final weight of a purchase based on the total weight of the shopping cart.

You will see different shipping quotations to your country. Choose the one you prefer.




The minimum weight applied in the website is 1 Kg.

Sorry but no smaller weights are quoted.

Example : If you try to purchase an item of 100g the shipping cost shall be the same for ten units (10x100g = 1 Kg.)



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