Traditional wood kit assembly.


* Length : 810 mm .

* Heigth : 550 mm .

* Scale  1:50 .


Instructions booklet : English , spanish and italian text.

Difficulty level : Advanced.

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In 18th century, France made build xebecs in Toulon. It was to fight privateers and pirates coming from North Africa who attacked the numerous ships of the traders going to the famous fair of Beaucaire.

Four first ones, built in 1750-51 supervised by Majorcan builders, had Lateen sails on their three masts, canons of 6 and 8 pounds, and crews from 150 to 220 men.

Four following ones, built in 1762, had a polacre, a Lateen sail on the foremast and squared veils on the other masts for a total surface of 502 m².

The polacre is this sail, looking like an outer jib, placed on the halyard going from the jib-boom (berthelot) to the top of the foremast. They carried 20 canons of 8 pounds and a crew of 140 men. The same xebec without polacre is a “Mistic”.


The original plans of this model were drawn by the Vice-Admiral Paris, the conservative of the Musée Naval du Louvre (from 1871 to 1893) , according to the model of the xebec-polacre Le Singe (the Ape), the one who had been built in 1762 and condemned in 1779.


The model an absolute novelty in the field of boxed models.

Taken from drawings of an original example conserved in a famous French museum, reproduces an unusual Mediterranean sailing ship of the mid-18th century, armed with 18 guns.

The Polish-style xebec was a modification of the classic style known as lateen because the three masts carried triangular sails.


The box contains everything necessary to construct this attractive ship.

The ready-cut system and the diagrams which are extremely easy to follow, make assembly easy.


The box contains all the materials prepared and ready for assembly, the relative accessories, the instructions plus a detailed diagram and an elegant base to support the finished model.

The kit includes pre-cut keel and frames, all fittings and accessories, and exceptionally detailed instructions and plans. This kit is suitable for the model maker with high level.

A detailed instruction booklet and large plans will make construction thoroughly enjoyable.




* Wood building kit from the naval modelling leading Italian maker.

* Highest quality tropical fine woods.

* High quality fittings in diecast metal old style burnished or in real turned brass.

* Instructions booklet with close up images step by step of the assembly stages.



Item :Wood ship in kit form.
Full Length : 810 mm
Beam : 
Height :550 mm
Scale : 1/50
Hull : Double plank on frame system
Keel and skeleton : Crosscoat plywood factory laser cut
Fittings : Metal die cast and turned brass
Wood included in the kit : Sapele, walnut and tilewood
Sails set :Not included. See : AMT-5619
Plans set :Scale 1:1 Included
Instructions booklet languages :English and Italian
Wood base recommend (not included)From 400 to 500 mm Length
Support pedestals recommended (not incl.)AMATI - Ref. AMT-5690/35
Sail cloth recommended :AMT-5619 



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