Polistyrene cement for all model plastic kits.

Extrathin type.

Contents : 28 ml.

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There is nothing quite like the new Micro Weld solvent cement.

You will find that application is very different from, and easier than the old cement.


You will also find that it is much more forgiving and stronger when dry.


This adhesive will not craze clear plastic or tend to warp thin plastic like other cements.


Since Micro Weld will not lift most paints, it can be used to repair models without repainting.


No longer do you need to hold the parts together while applying the adhesive to the seams.


You now will have both hands free to position the parts properly.


Apply the new Micro Weld using a small brush in a thin coat on the edges of the parts.

The coated edges become very tacky like contact cement.


Now join the parts by pressing together. You will have a few seconds to remove or realign the parts for a perfect fit.


Avoid getting cement in unwanted areas.


You now have a strong bond that is not brittle and will last.


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