Futaba Radio Control 2 channels manual transmitter on 2,4 Ghz band for controlling surface scale models boats or cars.

Basic equipment includes transmitter , receiver.

No servos are included.

A reliable, simple and cheap equipment with the quality of Futaba.

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65,90 €

54,46 € tax excl.


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Futaba feels something special for 2 channel radio. Because we have the invisible pressure that the radio might be the first one for the user. The 2HR is equipped with a proven Futaba 2.4GHz FHSS radio system. The ergonomically designed case features a built-in carrying handle and an antenna that can be removed for safekeeping. 

System Overview

  1. 2 channel FHSS 2.4GHz system
  2. Steering Dual Rates(D/R)
  3. Servo Reversing
  4. Changing the Neutral Position
  5. Modifying the Throttle Stick to a Ratchet type.
  6. 4 AA size dry batteries



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