Sapele solid veneer in 1000 mm Length.


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REF.WOODSize (mm)Pack
DSM-35175SAPELE SOLID VENEER2 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
DSM-35176SAPELE SOLID VENEER3 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
DSM-35177SAPELE SOLID VENEER4 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
DSM-35178SAPELE SOLID VENEER5 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
DSM-35179SAPELE SOLID VENEER6 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
DSM-35180SAPELE SOLID VENEER8 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
DSM-35181SAPELE SOLID VENEER10 x 45 x 10001 Unid.
Pinkish brown to reddish brown, heartwood deepening after exposure.
A generally straight grained wood with some interlocking and a fine to medium texture.
An important wood that works well with both hand and machine tools.
Used for cabinet work, boat building and pattern making. 


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