Vallejo Acrylic Panzer Aces Set.

Contents :

* 16 Assorted colors from the Vallejo Model Color acrylics range.

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Vallejo Acrylic Panzer Aces Set.


Contents :

16 assorted acryclic colors in bottles of 17 ml.


822 German Cam. Black Brbown

823 German Cam. Luftwaffe

825 German Cam. Pale Brown

826 German Cam. Medium brown

874 Tan Earth 875 Beige Brown

882 Middlestone

887 Brown violet

891 Intermediate Green

894 Cam. Olive Green

896 German Dark Green

922 Uniform Green

955 Flat Flesh

979 German Cam. Dark Green

983 Flat Earthe

985 Hull Red 1 x Round pointed modelling precision brush Nr.º2/0


Colours used on Dot Pea Pattern: 826, 894, 922, 979, 955

Colours used on Italian Pattern: 896, 985, 882


The Panzer Aces colors are available individually, but also in a series of 6 sets of 8 colors, each set selected forthe painting of the various camouflage colors, the canvas, wheels, wood andleather, periscopes and utensils, andfor the various tank crew uniforms and skintones.


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