Para su uso con la fresadora FF500 CNC Proxxon (no incluida).

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With large multi-function display, 3 glass rulers (with one sensor each) and the necessary fastening parts.


For convenient milling through direct position measurement with zeroing. Mechanical play (backlash as well) is ignored.

And: The revolutions of the handwheels do not have to be counted for long travel distances.

Reasonable for repetitive processing: In addition to the zero point a second start point (incremental) can be set anywhere.


Technical data:

•Digital display 265 x 182 x 48mm

•110 - 230V. 50/60Hz.

•Glass rulers for travel distances: vertical (z-axis) 220mm, transverse (xaxis) 300mm, depth (y-axis) 100mm.

With a 200cm metal-sheathed plug connecting line to the display.


The most important computing functions of the DA 3 system:

•Calculation and indication of a centre position.

•Basic arithmetic operations as well as cos/sin functions with transfer of values to the position indicator.

•Positioning of drill holes on any straight lines and circular paths.

•Milling of crooked planes.

•Milling of radii in different planes.


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